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Faculty of Business and Law 
The Faculty of Nuclear and Energy was created in 1992. The faculty began its activity as the Department of Economics, Management and Organization of Industrial Production. Professor Sadykov N.R. was appointed as the dean of the faculty and Ph.D., associate professor Osipova G.M. was the head of the department. The first composition of the department: G.M. Osipova, N. Akhmetov, G. Davletov, G. Joldasbaeva, A. Akkaisieva, K. Sakhanova, A.A. Yurin and others.
In 1999, the faculty was renamed to the “Engineering and Technical” Faculty. The dean of the faculty was Professor Sadykov N.R. The Department of Economic Disciplines was divided into two departments: “Organization and Management of Production” and “Economics and Management”.


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